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We work with manufacturers of medical and biomedical equipment of the highest quality and latest technology to equip hospital projects in Panama.


We provide sterilization centrals, clinical furniture, respiratory therapy equipment, monitoring, surgery, cardiology, intensive care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and all that need a clinic, hospital or laboratory to operate under optimal conditions.

Medical Technology Distribution

To sell and distribute medical equipment and technology in Panama, it must follow a rigorous procedure for the registration of equipment in health organizations in the country. We perform this procedure and provide these organzations equipment and technology when is required.


They are constantly requiring medical equipment in large quantities nationwide and we provide these biomedical devices and systems that meet high standards that are requiring these organizations.

Install, Support and Maintenance

To ensure maximum performance and optimum performance of our devices, our technical support staff ensures that no problems have come when our suppliers send them and install them where required by the requesting entity.


Our staff has been trained by our suppliers to install, calibrate, repair and maintenance the equipment that we provide.


Our Support, Maintenance and Installation Engineers are highly qualified professionals in Biomedical, Electronics, Mechanics, Computing and Communications Engineering able to diagnose problems and equipment failures and solve them as soon as possible thus ensuring our work.

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