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Is focused on providing reliable medical products and technology solutions to its customers. Is responsible for carrying out projects of medical equipment stepping in as a mayor contractor, sub-contractor, consultant in hospital equiping, clinics, outpatient care,  health programs and social care.


Medical Spanish Services also conducts projects that involve more than the provision of equipment, equipment that meets the highest international standards of quality as ISO, CE, UL, UEC, among others.


We work with manufacturers of medical equipment of worldwide prestige as Dolsan, HEYER MEDICAL, CARDIOLINE, MATACHANA, STEELCO, CHINESPORT, HERSILL, ANETIC AID, GEN-MED, INMOCLINC, MEDHIGHTECH MEDICAL, Sterimed, BIOBASE, MINDRAY and among many others, with the only objetive of providing medical, clinic and hospital solutions of the highest level and the latest medical technology available worldwide.

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